«Facing the headland is this famous rock, as long as half a mile, covered with a flat surface embodred like a calm ocean, vertically split in two at one extremity and a few hunched feet further it opens in a gushing manner to form an arch, steep rock, straight like a falling weight, that has given it's name to the space and to the land that ends in the bay of Gaspe and shows prominence in the Gulf»

Arthur Buies, Chroniques 1

Previous Exhibitions

Gaspesie : Earth Images, summer 1950

Year 2005

Lida Moser

Scenes in the daily life of a memorable Gaspesie as seen through the eyes of one of the most illustrations american photographers. In collaboration with the photography department of the Cegep of Matane.


Kittie Bruneau Kittie Bruneau
Lovers of the Island
Year 2002
Moser Lida Moser
Gaspésie : Earth of images
Year 2005
Sullivan Françoise Sullivan
The Myth of Rocher Perce
Year 1996