We have sustained that in front of the Rocher Perce, the pen and the brush admit to being pourless and it is true that those who are chosen to speak less shallow believe to have said everything once they have attested to the magnifiance of this great curtain, when their voice, suddenly deeper tries to restore the vivid dark, once they are able to put some order in the modulation of the air mass that vibrates through it's masterly annoyed pipes, but without knowing it is a great curtain, how could they doubt that it's crushing drapery would unveil a scene with several sides? And all the while behind it a heap, in prologue form, of childrens tales that have other purpose but to adjust the lights.

Breton, André
Arcane 17


Name Technical Source
Aimé DesmeulesSculptureSaint-Paul-de-la-Croix
Albert MichaudSculptureSaint-Ulric
Alberto TommiOilPercé
Andras BöröczSculptureNew-York
Andrée JutrasStampSainte-Anne-des-Monts
Anna Lisiewicz-GrundlandWaterColour and oilVarsovie
Antonio TapiesStampBarcelone
Arnold FlynnMixed techniquePercé
Bram Van VeldeStampLeyde
Chan Ky YutOil and gouacheOttawa
Charles SoucyTaleChandler
Christoher AdeneyOilDon Mills
Claude ThébergeAcrylic resinMontreal
Daniel LussierPhotographsMontreal
Donald CahillWaterColour and inkPercé
Enid LegrosPorcelainPaspébiac
Émilien BernierSculptureCloridorme
Émilien CassiviSculptureAnse-au-Griffon
Fernand LégerStampArgentan
Félicien LevesqueSculptureCacouna
Francine LabergePaper and plasterPercé
Francine SimoninInkLausanne
Francis BaconStampLondres
François MercierSculptureMont-Saint-Pierre
Françoise BujoldPoetryBonaventure
Françoise SullivanPastelMontreal
Frederick JamesOilPhiladelphie
Georges BraqueEngravingNice
Henri MatisseStampCateau-Cambrésis
Henry MooreEngravingCastelford
Honoré HuntSculpturePabos-Mills
J. Émile ValoisSculpturePointe-Lebel
Jacques GrattonPhotographsGaspé
Jacques HarveyDrawing of architectureQuebec
Jean-Claude BoudreauSculptureGrande-Entrée
Jean-Paul RiopelleWaterColour and oilIle-aux-Grues
Joan MiroEngravingBarcelone
John WisemanWatercolourPercé
Joseph VenneDrawing of architectureMontreal
Joseph-A. BouchardSculptureBaie-Saint-Paul
Kittie BruneauOilPercé
Lida MoserPhotographsWashington
Lise CouturierPastelMatane
Louis BrochetSculpturePercé
Louis FalardeauPhotographsMontreal
Louise FauteuxOilMontreal
Louise Mc CaggSculptureNew-York
Louise-Hélène AyotteOilPercé
Lucien BouchardSculptureBaie-Saint-Paul
Madeleine LizotteMixed techniqueMadeleine-Centre
Magella NormandSculptureCap-aux-Os
Marc-Aurèle FortinWatercolourSainte-Rose
Maria-Helena Viera Da SilvaStampLisbonne
Michel ArthurCharcoalAix-en-Provence
Neil RizosStamp and oilBoston
Onésime LeblancSculpturePointe-aux-Loups
Pablo PicassoEngravingMalaga
Pascal LareauMixed techniqueTrois-Rivières
Paul BéliveauOil and sculptureQuebec
Paul RebeyrolleStampEymoutiers
Paul-Emile BorduasPhotographsSaint-Hilaire
Pierre AlechinskyStampBruxelles
Pierre FauteuxPhotographsMontreal
Pierre RastoulAcrylic resinMontmagny
Pierre Tanguy de CherbourgPoetryRimouski
Puck KasmaAcrylic resinMontreal
Rachel MarionWatercolourPercé
Rejean BernierSculptureCloridorme
Rejean PiponSculptureAnse-au-Griffon
Renée BorduasPhotographsBeloeil
Renée ClavetSculpturePercé
Reynald CullenSculptureCarleton
Robbin Ami SilverbergMixed technique and paperNew-York
Robert HamiltonWatercolourMontreal
Roger DumontSculptureSaint-Arsène
Roland LandrySculptureNatashquan
Suzanne GuitéWatercolour and sculpturePercé
Valério AdamiStampBologne
Valmont BélangerSculptureMatane
Yvan TartrePencil and featherMontreal
Yves GonthierAcrylic resinMaria
Yvon CôtéSculptureGrande-Vallée

Kittie Bruneau Kittie Bruneau
Lovers of the Island
Year 2002
Moser Lida Moser
Gaspésie : Earth of images
Year 2005
Sullivan Françoise Sullivan
The Myth of Rocher Perce
Year 1996