«And since when does this rock bear on its side such a large wound granting it the name of ‘Pierced Rock’? An enormous breach, where at high tide a medium-size schooner can pass with full sail on.»

Eugène Achard, La Sorcière du Rocher Percé (The Sorceress of Percé Rock)

Exhibition hall

The Chafaud Museum was set up in one of the Charles Robin Company buildings (1776-1886).

This large building was used for the processing of cod.

"The cod was prepared on a sort of scaffold, built on the gravel beach and which resembled the stage of a theatre . It consisted of a large planked floor over which two gabled roofs were covered with sail canvass. On the stage, three men performed their part as slaughterers with cod as their victims. The cutter cut the throat of the fish and split open its belly; then the gutter tore out the guts setting the liver aside in a container and the roe in another; the dresser wearing a mitt, grabbed the fish by the ear-fin, stripped its dorsal fin clean and then pulled it off. Once salted, the flattened cod was neatly stacked beside a square press which contained the melting cod livers".

Marc Lescarbot

Kittie Bruneau Kittie Bruneau
Lovers of the Island
Year 2002
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Year 2005
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The Myth of Rocher Perce
Year 1996