At a distance, Bonaventure Island bathes in the gulf, while on solid ground the Table-à-Rolland at 1230 feet over sea level is erect and serves as a guide to the sailors who let us catch a glimpse of them at a distance of forty miles across the ocean.

Faucher de Saint-Maurice,
Promenades dans le Golfe Saint-Laurent.

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The Corporation du Musée le Chafaud implements the development of the artistic vocation of Perce. The excellent quality of the activities presented make the museum one of the top places of art in the Gaspesie. Non-subventionned, the museum's primary sources of income are the admissions to exhibitions and the support from the members of the friends of the Musée le Chafaud.

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Kittie Bruneau Kittie Bruneau
Lovers of the Island
Year 2002
Moser Lida Moser
Gaspésie : Earth of images
Year 2005
Sullivan Françoise Sullivan
The Myth of Rocher Perce
Year 1996