«I saw that there was only one arching hole where a sailboat could pass, that is why it was given the name l'isle Percée; it has since formed two others that are not as large, but continue to grow every day.»

Nicolas Denys.

Mission of the museum

A non-profit organization, the Corporation du Musée le Chafaud works to protect and illustrate Perce, the source of inspiration derived from prodigious artistic creation on an international scale.

The corporation du Musée le Chafaud is dedicated to the conservation, development and the diffusion of the artistic patrimony and perceen culture of yesterday and today. The Corporation allows visitors to discover multidisciplinary thematic artistic creations and Gaspesiens to appreciate the work of great regional and international artists. Permanent and temporary expositions, affiliated activities, conferences, concerts, etc... In order to support the importance of the artistic vocation of Perce.

Kittie Bruneau Kittie Bruneau
Lovers of the Island
Year 2002
Moser Lida Moser
Gaspésie : Earth of images
Year 2005
Sullivan Françoise Sullivan
The Myth of Rocher Perce
Year 1996